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'My greatest concern is not whether you have failed , but whether you are content with your failure.'  A.Lincoln.                                                                                                                         'My greatest concern is not whether you have failed , but whether you are content with your failure.'  A.Lincoln.

To do so every company ( measured entity)  needs to score B-BBEE points and then be assessed over a 12 month review period for a B-BBEE certificate.

You may no longer choose your financial year but must use your official  12 month financial review period.

Ideally you are constantly working towards gaining B-BBEE points towards your scorecard during that time.

You need to prepare and start 'earning 'B-BBEE points long before your audit takes place and then also make sure that all supporting evidence is secured and  ties up with what might be required for the audit.

The new BBBEE codes are EXTREMELY COMPLEX and without technical advice and support they can be a mine field to navigate.

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                                                B-BBEE Consulting

A B-BBEE ( Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) certificate or affidavit is essential for all South African based companies wanting to:
  • secure mandatory licencing ( mining, gambling, liqour and other compulsorty government issued licences)
  • deal with government and State owned enterprises or
  • satisfy the preferential procurement requirements of their own clients.

How we help your Company.
1. Giving clarity on the  codes and their complications  .
2. Implementing a pro active strategy to improve your B-BBEE status over a period of time.
3. Aligning your Employment Equity compliancy with your B-BBEE requirements.
4. Aligning  your Skills Development strategy with your B-BBEE requirements.
5. Planning meaningful  Supplier and Enterprise development spend strategies.
6. Ensure that you are maximising your Socio economic ( CSI) spends for BEE purposes
7. Maximising the value of your suppliers' contributions to your preferential procurement.
8. Ensuring that you are meeting all your skills spend  in the most  cost effective manner.

Our strategy
  • identify the most feasible  BEE level for you the client ( within the constraint you may have),
  • construct a draft scorecard  based on a projected set of financial figures over a set 12 month period
  • recommend a strategy with set deliverables in order to achieve every point possible
  • monitor progress against the deliverables and milestones set
  • ensure that every BEE point can be substantiated by documentary and other proof  in an audit.
  • using our accredited in house training resources to further your skills, socio economic and supplier development programmes

Structuring the Cost
  • Fees structured as a valid B-BBEE skills development spend, earning you more BBBEE points.
  • We are a  100% ( level 4) preferential procurement spend.
  • Discounts should you spend your Socio economic development or Enterprise development spend with us.
  • Socio Economic Development  and Enterprise development spends are tax deductable.
  • Preferential training rates  through our accredited training provider company
  • Use of our accredited programmes  to serve socio economic and enterprise development purposes. see our programmes here.