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SED- Socio Economic Development  Projects     

Partizan acts as a third party SED implementor  and thus qualifies to recieve and disburse SED funding. This is provided for in terms of the B-BBEE codes and allows Partizan  to support the following on your behalf :
  • Vocational and academic training projects
  • Intern support and placement for workplace integrated learning
  • The sourcing of deserving and qualifying beneficiaries
  • Community HIV projects
  • Primary Health Care support in disadvantaged communities and
  • Rural projects that benefit the community.

This ensures that your investment reaches the right places and the right people.


For more information on Enterprise Development or Socio Economic projects :

Supplier and Enterprise Development   Investments

Partizan will ensure that it maximises your points by:

  • locating, assisting and incubating  qualifying small  black owned busineses and start ups on your behalf
  • implementing training and other mentoring intervention using accredited providers
  • assist with the implmentation of the Youth Employment Scheme ( Y.E.S.) by identifying and placing interns on your behalf

Partizan has access to accredited mentorship and training programmes via two SETA/QCTO/DHET accredited training providers, Enpower Training and Vital Skills that meet the requirements for your Enterprsise and Socio Economic development needs.
See here for more details.

Our affiliated training programmes are coupled with incubation and mentoring programmes to;

  • transfer technical and business skills and knowledge of the core business of the new venture  and 
  • enhance this with an incubation period of  knowledge investment, mentorship and technical and financial support to the new enterprise.

PARTIZAN Solutions

Partizan Pty Ltd. Partizan  is  an independantly owned Exempted Micro Enterprise which is 51% Black woman owned. 

Partizan is a BEE facilitator company specialising in identifying, structuring  and implementing  BBBEE programmes for:

  1. Supplier and  Enterprise Development (ESD) and
  2. Socio Economic Development (SED) .

Companies are required to spend a fraction of their nett profit on qualifying projects in order to secure up to 20 B-BBEE points. Current B-BBEE codes set preconditons that need to be met before assistance to Black emerging businesses and socio economic beneficiaries will be recognised.